Barriere Delivers with Quality Control Training

Asphalt Operations Manager Ricky Quigley leads Barriere’s latest Quality Control Training session at the company’s dedicated Training Center in Boutte.

At Barriere, we uphold our Core Values as our Value Propositions – Partnership, Professionalism, and Operational Excellence – guide implementation of our B Guarantee to safely and reliably deliver quality projects and products under budget and on time, every time.

The B Guarantee is Barriere’s commitment to our project stakeholders and material customers, including our top industry talent.

Barriere’s Quality Control Training is one way we develop our talent so that they are effectively equipped to make good on the B Guarantee – a source of pride for us all.



Barriere’s Quality Control Training is extended to our equipment and logistics professionals who are responsible for delivering on paving project requirements and goals.

The International Roughness Index is the universal measurable when it comes to assessing overall pavement ride quality. Exceeding a project’s IRI requirements to meet a client’s IRI goals improves Barriere profitability through industry-standard contractual performance bonuses and allows us to deliver the smoothest ride possible to our customers.

Barriere’s customers include some of the nation’s major economic drivers and the traveling public in the Gulf South communities where we live and work.

During Quality Control Training, members of the Executive Committee provide Project Superintendents, paving Foremen, Equipment Operators, and Quality Control Technicians with an overview of factors that impact whether Barriere delivers to its IRI standards.

Product factors, such as density and temperature, as they apply to project factors, such as lane width and ideal thickness, are covered. General paving considerations and how to implement paving best practices are reviewed as are the duties of a Quality Control Technician on the jobsite. Effective communication between plant, field, and lab is also discussed because, at Barriere, delivering quality products and projects is truly a team effort!

Barriere is Louisiana’s largest asphalt producer and Contractor of Choice for our employees and customers.

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