Barriere’s first and most important commitment is to protect our employees and the public entering our job sites to the fullest extent possible. Our safety goal is zero incidents.

We believe that all incidents are preventable, a philosophy that is incorporated into our methods of employee training and development.

Safety is a responsibility that cannot be delegated.

Our project management teams are directly responsible for safety on their projects. They have the authority and responsibility to implement all aspects of our safety program. Our crews also understand that we expect all Barriere employees to take the attitude that “safety begins with me” and to accept responsibility for their own behavior.

Barriere crews are certified by third-party prequalification providers like Avetta and ISNetworld that connect corporations in capital-intensive industries with safe, reliable contractors. In addition, our project teams always include an OHSA-certified “competent person,” i.e., a person certified to be knowledgeable about all applicable safety standards. And every team member carries a TWIC card.

Our safety program is on display in each of our policies and job-site procedures. The program includes:

  • Pre-construction Hazard Analyses
  • Weekly Tool Box Talks
  • Daily Task Analysis Reviews 
  • Root Cause Failure Analyses
  • Safety Alerts
  • Management Safety Audits
  • Regulatory Training 

We also measure and track our safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and we compare both our leading and lagging indicators to our past performance and to industry standards. Through our total commitment to an ongoing, comprehensive safety program, Barriere has achieved an excellent safety record. A record we take great pride in.

Executive Leadership Walks Conducted

Employees Recognized for Contributing to Safety Goals

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OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate

Average OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate for the Past 3 Years

Job Site Audits Conducted by Project Management Teams

Pre-shift Safety Meeting Audits Conducted by Project Management Teams



Our Employees Commit to “The 6”

To prevent serious injuries and fatalities, we ask every employee to accept six core responsibilities. Everyone works together to ensure that “The 6” is discussed on every project. The six responsibilities are integral to our companywide effort to protect health and life and to supporting our Journey to Zero incidents.

Mentor and safeguard new employees
Communicate with each other and be constantly aware of surroundings
Clear guidance for motorists
Avoid contact with overhead and underground utilities
Hydrate and cool down
Prevent unexpected startup or the release of stored energy

Policies That Protect

Our safety program policies are designed as resources for our crews in creating and establishing a safe work environment.


Stop Work Authority

Allows anyone on the job site to stop all work if they see an imminent danger to the health and safety of employees, the general public, or a facility.

Hazard Recognition

The main method of prevention is identification. To keep safety in the foreground, we encourage hourly employees to identify potential hazards and we reward them for doing so.

Safety Reward Cards

When hourly employees go above and beyond their job description to ensure safety, we encourage supervisors to give them safety reward cards. These are reviewed by our safety committee, which recognizes such conscientious employees with a reward.

Leadership Walks

Every month, our team of executive managers conducts leadership walks to convey company updates, report on new hires, praise exemplary performance, and ensure the well-being of crew members and customers.

Program Recognition

Barriere is one of only 18 construction companies in the country to receive the Associated Builders and Contractors’ National Safety Excellence Award. The award recognizes companies that “exhibit a continued commitment to jobsite safety and whose safety performance and programs are judged to be exemplary.”

Other acknowledgments:

National Safety Council – CEOs Who “Get It”

In 2018 our CEO, Peter A. Wilson, was one of eight CEOs nationwide to be recognized by the National Safety Council for their “proven track records of putting safety first.”


Construction Industry Safety Excellence

2017 Construction Users Roundtable Construction Industry Safety Excellence Award


National Safety Week

Participants in Construction Safety Week and National Work Zone Awareness Week


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