Fleet Management

barriere's Total process reliability (tpr)
program teaches our crews how to improve
machine reliability and efficiency.

Our comprehensive TPR process instructs employees on how to purchase, care for, and safely use and maintain equipment for our customers, crews, and operators. Regular quality inspections, cleaning, and proactive maintenance are all part of our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment for all of our employees.

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maintenance and Reliability
ensures Safety

Barriere leads the industry when it comes to maintenance and reliability. TPR teaches our operators to follow company standards and expectations for maintaining safe, properly functioning equipment through scheduled inspection, cleaning, and lubrication.

The goals of tpr include:

  • Supporting a safe working environment by ensuring the safety of our equipment.

  • Reducing or eliminating equipment downtime.

  • Minimizing the costs of operating and owning equipment.

  • Ensuring the highest quality of workmanship.

  • Learning from and sharing our successes and overcoming obstacles.

  • Giving our crew members and managers everything they need to achieve the best possible results on every job.

How Does TPR Influence Our Crews?

TPR fosters our culture of continuous improvement. Adhering to TPR guidelines and procedures enables our crews not only to improve equipment effectiveness and reliability, but also to share responsibility for maintaining equipment, create natural work groups, and improve the skills and knowledge of everyone in the crew.

How we accomplish
Total process reliability

A crucial part of our TPR process is equipment maintenance. We teach our equipment operators how to perform daily pre-startup checks on all machines so that they find defects in the early stages — when easiest to correct. We expect crew members to follow equipment maintenance standards on inspecting, lubricating, and cleaning.

Crew members share responsibility for the equipment assigned to them. Operators report defects during weekly equipment inspections on a smartphone. Barriere Group Maintenance Coordinators schedule the maintenance with vendor partners through our computer maintenance software. Everyone participates in our CLAIRE workshops, where we learn and relearn to Clean, Lubricate, Adjust, Inspect, Repair, and Eliminate.

At Barriere, everyone — from craftsmen and operators to senior managers — is invested in our processes. It’s an ongoing effort to keep our people trained and to keep our equipment running at maximum efficiency and without failure.

Thanks to our commitment to continuous improvement and trending key performance indicators, Barriere has improved and streamlined many vital processes and procedures over the years, including response time, risk-based inspection, analysis of root-cause failure, and planning and scheduling. Condition-based monitoring has streamlined our total productive maintenance practices to lead us on a path to “World Class.”

TPR initiatives at Barriere incorporate training, quality equipment inspections, and crew repairs. Our on-the-job training, twice-monthly training events, and CLAIRE workshops all focus on safety and skill development. At Barriere, we have the skills and experience needed to ensure that we perform proper inspections while meeting the expectations of our customers and the public. We maintain the highest level of commitment to safety.


The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) recognized Barriere Construction as the first fleet to meet its 2013-2014 Platinum Level requirements.

In 2004, 2009, and 2021 Barriere won AEMP’s Fleet Masters Award for excellence in fleet management — recognizing us as the best in the United States.


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