Barriere’s Comprehensive
Structural Concrete Services

By providing compressed project schedules and identifying the best approach to a job, we can exceed customer expectations — saving you time and money. 

Our services include the construction of tank foundations and tank rings, either on top of piles or directly on top of the stabilized ground, with a key focus on safety, quality and schedule. Our associated services include soil preparation ahead of the concrete work as well as crane pads after the foundations are installed.

Our structural concrete crews specialized in all concrete structures and foundations that sit below the anchor bolts, performing the shoring, excavation, seal-slab, formwork, rebars, and pour.

Our experience extends from 18”-thick Portland Cement Concrete Pavement in Ports or Airports settings down to 4”-thick incidental pavement surrounding foundations or for sidewalk.

Barriere know-how covers both earth dikes and concrete containments walls, as well as clay surfaces, HDPE liner or concrete pavement

We noticed that more projects are relying on helical piles and Barriere developed the capability to install small diameter helical piles internally in order to optimize the schedule for our customers and offer some additional flexibility.

We support our Electrical and Instrumentation partners doing duct banks

Our services include the installation of electrical grounding to support the main civil effort. This capability was developed in order to provide turn-key capabilities to our customers and optimization in their schedule.

Our mechanical capabilities covers process piping, whether it being stainless steel piping, CS and HDPE, as well as installation of pumps and valves.


Secondary Containment and RCRA BHT Piping

Barriere constructed this civil and piping project, consisting of four separate containment areas and piping connections for 11 tanks and 16 pumps in a live processing unit.


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