Barriere’s Comprehensive Turn-Key Solutions

Permit Preparation
We can help customers in securing permits with governmental agencies.
Roadway Evaluation
Barriere provides a team of experts who work in tandem to bring you value-engineered solutions throughout your project. These solutions include roadway evaluation and builder input during the design, budgeting, and engineering phases — all done under experienced management and with streamlined communication.
Multi-Year Budgeting
Multi-year budgeting allows our customers to reallocate their own resources — including work hours that would have been spent on budget development — to other essential tasks. Barriere brings years of experience in analyzing long-term needs and objectives to the job of providing our customers with customized, multi-year budgeting services.
Design Build
Barriere makes use of the latest technology and a broad talent pool of engineering experts to deliver cost-effective, real-time civil engineering solutions. The benefits of outsourcing design build services include lower overhead costs, greater productivity, and faster turnaround times.

“The entire scope was faced by numerous unknown obstructions and obstacles, and Barriere executed the entire project with safety, quality and schedule in the highest regards. Further, Barriere’s management provided exceptional communication, scheduling and reporting and in doing so completed the project below budget and on schedule.”

Fluor Technip Integrated (FTI) Contract Manager, Sasol Project October 1, 2019

Steel Construction in Louisiana

As infrastructure assessment and maintenance experts, we bring the highest degree of safety and quality to every project — no matter the size or scope.

With nearly seven decades of experience in the civil construction market, Barriere provides a diverse mix of products and services, creating a balanced business structure to take on even the most complicated projects.

But our commitment to the industry and our customers extends far beyond our internal products and services. We partner with select design engineering firms to deliver turnkey solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers. Combining the high-quality work of our experienced crews with leading-edge equipment, innovative processes, and precise planning, we ensure superior results while maintaining a safe work environment.

Barriere offers our customers single point of responsibility contracts under which the design and construction phases overlap, thus reducing the delivery schedule, costs, and risks. We have extensive experience in fast-track construction management that maintains high quality and high safety standards.


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