Barriere’s Safety Committee Makes Strides in Advancing New Employee Mentor Program 

In 2022, a top priority for our Safety Committee was to expand and improve Barriere’s New Employee – Mentor Program. The committee, comprised of both employee and management team members, and chaired by Barriere President and CEO Jason Latiolais, meets monthly to explore ways to reduce employee injuries and illnesses by identifying potential hazards our employees may face, developing best practices to decrease incidents, and most importantly, educating and empowering committee members on how to play an active role in safety on the jobsite.

In 2022, the Safety Committee dedicated the year to improving our New Employee – Mentor Program. The committee was divided into two groups: book improvements and training requirements. Through the committee’s diligent work, they were able to improve our online Mentor Book and establish Mentor Training to provide Barriere’s seasoned employees with the resources, expectations and leadership skills needed to guide our new hires as they embark on their careers with Barriere. 

Launched in October and designed to drive successful onboarding for new hires and build upon our company culture of continuous learning, the mentor training program gives employees the support they need to grow within their positions as trainers and to develop strong leadership skills.  A key component of our mentoring program is to instill in new employees the safety culture we follow day in and day out across our operations. Safety is the thread that weaves together the fabric of our operations, products and services. Putting safety first starts on Day 1. 

We believe these improvements will have a direct, positive effect on our Safety Culture and empower employees to successfully mentor new hires and promote operational excellence through on-the-job training.

Congratulations to the Safety Committee on advancing our New Employee – Mentor Program: 

  • CEO/President: Jason Latiolais 
  • Safety & Training Team: Paul Albrecht, Jennifer Riecke, Keena Creason, Joe Matias, Karl Kleinbeck, Lynn Meades 
  • Business Development: Emily Faschan 
  • Human Resources: Alicia Breazeale 
  • Construction Group: Lance Blanchard, Jorge Vargas, Cory Orgeron, Glenn Arnold, Miranda Adam
  • North Shore Asphalt Group: Ty Loyd, Keith Calderone, Jared Allen, Luke Higginbotham, Jim Meades,
  • Baton Rouge Asphalt Group: Jeff Romig, Victoria Cogan, Shawn Mitchell
  • South Shore Asphalt Group: Hope Sabadash, Joe Spinosa, Nicholas Merritt
  • Equipment: Tyler Traut 

The progress our Safety Committee made in 2022 will provide our mentors with the innovative tools they need to improve communication, promote teamwork and instill our longstanding culture of safety and operational excellence within our new hires.


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