Barriere Welcomes its 2023 Summer Interns

On May 24 at our Boutte Training Center, Barriere hosted an orientation for the 2023 summer internship program. We welcomed seven students from six universities with multiple areas of study including construction management, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, marketing, and occupation safety and supply chain management. The incoming class of interns represents a diverse set of talents and interests, and we are happy to have them join us this summer.    

Barriere President and CEO Jason Latiolais kicked off the May 24th orientation’s comprehensive program with a welcome address. After giving the interns the opportunity to get acquainted with one another, Latiolais looked to three Barriere vice presidents to share information about their respective roles. 

The students learned about the role of a field engineer from Justin White, former three-time intern program alumnus and now Barriere VP of Asphalt Operations. Next, the interns heard from Barriere’s Matt Woods, VP of Construction, and Kevin Ervin, VP of Asphalt Plants. The class also participated in a safety training session led by Barriere Field Safety Coordinators Keena Creason and Joe Matias, both of whom got their start as interns at Barriere. 

University education and degrees are vital for many careers and can provide an important foundation for students entering the work force. But there is simply no substitute for first-hand experience. Barriere summer internships are designed to cultivate industry talent and provide real-world opportunities for students to learn and grow in their desired career fields.

To that end, each intern is paired with a Barriere supervisor who teaches and guides them during the course of their internship. Providing an important counterbalance to on-the-job training and working on team projects, a one-on-one mentorship gives each intern opportunities to ask questions and seek feedback as they develop new skills and gain an up-close understanding of what it’s like to work in a particular position or department.

This year’s incoming class boasts an exceptional group of individuals, and it is our pleasure to introduce and welcome them into Barriere’s 2023 Summer Intern program.

  • Connor Caillet, University of New Orleans, Construction Management
  • Kalynn Granier. Southeastern Louisiana University, Marketing
  • Josh Goldston, Clemson University, Supply Chain Management
  • Cade Rogers, Louisiana Tech University, Construction Engineering
  • Isidro Escalera, Louisiana State University, Construction Management
  • Rhett Rosevear, Southeastern Louisiana University, Occupation Safety
  • Leahlin , Scott, Southern University, Mechanical Engineering


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