September 23, 2016


Barriere was contracted by the City of New Orleans for the St. Bernard Avenue reconstruction project, a total reconstruction of underground utilities and roadway on St. Bernard Ave. This section of roadway had historically been referred to as one of the worst avenues in the city – it is considered the birthplace of the Fix-My-Streets movement.

The general scope of work for this project included removing and replacing sidewalks, replacing the water and sewer lines, replacing the drainage lines and repaving the roadway in concrete between Filmore Ave. and Robert E. Lee Blvd., and Spanish Fort Shell Rd. between Soldiers and Madrid streets.

At the start of the project, the existing overlaid concrete road was in a horrible state of deterioration, and sections of roadway were barely passable by car because of large potholes. Due to existing conditions Barriere and the owner decided it was best to repair potholes and install a thin overlay on the existing roadway so that two-way traffic could safely be maintained. The sidewalk was in such poor shape that it served no purpose to pedestrians. Furthermore, the existing water distribution system had multiple leaks, and the storm drainage system was also dilapidated with missing structure covers, and blocked or collapsed pipes.

Barriere partnered with 11 different DBE subcontractors and suppliers in compliance with the required 35% DBE component. Subcontractor scope included trucking, sidewalks, driveways, concrete supply, sand supply, brick work, temporary signs and barricades, and permanent striping. The City of New Orleans, in tandem with Barriere, remained in constant communication with neighborhood associations to update the public on the project’s progress. Monthly internal project planning and schedule updates and biweekly progress meetings ensured that all parties were engaged and committed to meeting milestone dates.

It was Barriere’s detailed planning and allotment of resources that allowed Barriere to prevent any major lulls in the work. Innovation played a huge role in our success as we utilized state of the art GPS technology on bulldozers, graders, and, for the first time, excavators. Barriere overcame inclement weather early in the project, which delayed the installation of the river bound roadway paving, to successfully complete the project in December 2016.

Client: City of New Orleans – Public Works Department
Location: New Orleans, LA
Start Date: September 1, 2015
End Date: May 4, 2016
Value: $8.3 million
Man Hours: 33,000