November 14, 2016


Barriere built nine large diameter concrete ring walls to IMTT to store volatile materials. The construction required constant communication and coordination between Barriere and IMTT’s safety department. A challenge Barriere overcame was the ring wall tops were not flat and required two different sized chamfer edges and no point on the walls could vary ¼” from spec. To achieve a higher level or quality and to complete the work efficiently, Barriere created many custom tools for construction.

Client: IMTT
Location: St. Rose, LA
Value: $4.96 million
Man Hours: 16,500
Materials Used:

  • 40000 cy of dirt
  • 25000 tons of stone
  • 33000 cy of sand
  • 2500 cy of concrete
  • 13000 tons of mason sand

Awards: ABC Bayou