I would like to share my gratitude toward you and your entire team at Barriere Construction for all of the hard work and long hours required to successfully complete this $40 Million project ahead of schedule and under budget. In addition, I would like to compliment you and the others on the project management team for a job well done. Barriere Construction demonstrated their dedication to maintaining a trustworthy and committed relationship with the Department and Volkert (CE&I) to make this a successful partnering experience. This project is something to be proud of and I’m glad to be a part of it.

- Seth deArmas, P.E., LADOTD Project Coordinator

Your staff’s willingness to keep open communication lines throughout the project proved vital to the success of this project.

- Stephen Heraty, P.E., Project Engineer, Volkert Inc.

We have the opportunity to work with all the major general contractors in the region. Without question, we believe Barriere Construction is the best in the business. We are not aware of any general contractor who could have handled this project as well as Barriere Construction.
- Lam Nguyen, CEO, Southern Synergy

To work with a highly regarded firm, who puts safety first and takes pride in their work at every step, has been a tremendous learning opportunity. While fabrication of the containment wall system was a daunting task with unique challenges every stop of the way, Barriere’s project managers and superintendents were always looking to the next task and staying on top of all aspects of this project.

- Cyndi Glascock, Senior Design Manager, Gainey’s Concrete Product

Working in an operating facility always poses difficulties, which your team responded to in a manner which highlights your dedication to safe, quality work. The flexibility displayed, in adddition to the focus on containment, allowed for our schedule to be met, despite the challenges. With the strong project management displayed and quick responce to changing conditions, we are confident the strong working relationship developed on the job will continue.

- Willaim Schmitt, Project Manager, Occidental Chemical Corporation

As we partner on this and future projects, it should be noted, the atmosphere of quality and safety created by every Barriere employee on the job, strengthens our deep respect and appreciation, to be working with such highly regarded firm. Considering this project and the difficulties faced, we are reminded of your dedication to safe, quality work, and the focus on customer satisfaction which is evident as we work together to form solutions for our shared clients.

- Dustin Miller, Manager of Projects, US Fusion, LLC


Please know that your team presented an invaluable service to the Holy Trinity Community in providing adequate, safe street access and conveniences for our guests and parishioners along with excellent customer service. We offer our sincerest thanks for your immense contribution to the success of the 2016 Greek Festival.

- Victoria Catsulis, Administrative Director, Greek Orthodox Community