Our Process


At Barriere, we feel that our operations process is one of our key differentiators. Any good process starts with a plan, which is where we go the extra mile. Our planning process always has our customer in mind, so we are able to safely deliver a quality product – under-budget and on time. To this end, we offer a full suite of construction services and aim to be your complete construction management solution. Planning for safety and efficiency in advance of the project execution is a key tenant of the Barriere Way.

We take pride in the operation and maintenance of our asphalt plants, equipment, offices, and facilities by holding ourselves to the highest possible standards of safety and quality. Our culture of safety, along with our use of leading-edge technology and sophisticated machinery give us a unique ability to provide superior materials, equipment, and exceed the expectations of our customers. We are committed to becoming World Class in every aspect of our operations. To do so, we track and measure Key Performance Indicators in order to improve and exceed our goals, which ultimately ends up giving our customer a superior product.



Dating all of the way back to 1949 when Gaines Wilson founded the company, Barriere’s first and most important commitment has been to protect our employees and the public entering our jobsites to the fullest extent possible, to deliver quality work for our clients and our communities that meets and surpasses industry standards. Our dedication to excellence in safety and quality has resulted in Barriere receiving a number of national awards, honors, and merits handed out each year at the highest level.

Safety is a responsibility that cannot be delegated. Our management and project teams are committed to an ongoing, comprehensive safety program that adheres to a “zero incidents” safety culture. Our Management takes great pride in our 100% total commitment to the ongoing, comprehensive safety program that has helped Barriere achieve an excellent safety record and outperformed industry standards over the years.

Each one of Barriere’s project management teams has the direct responsibility for safety on their respective projects; they have the authority and responsibility to implement all aspects of our safety program and the requirement to meet state and federal OSHA and MSHA rules and regulations. Every Barriere employee is expected to take a “safety begins with me” attitude and be responsible for his/her own behavior.

Implementation of our safety program is accomplished through pre-construction hazard analysis, weekly Tool Box Talks, daily Task Analysis Reviews (TAR), Root Cause Failure Analysis, Safety Alerts, Supervisory Safety Audits, regulatory training, and other means of education and enforcement. We also measure and track our safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and compare both our leading and lagging indicators against our past performance and industry standards.

Our safety goal is simple: “zero incidents”



While our spirit of continuous improvement pushes us to be more efficient internally, our customer is the real beneficiary. Our employees are instrumental in providing exceptional quality and service to customers and in ensuring that each project is accomplished with the highest safety, quality, and productivity. We work efficiently so that our productivity meets deadlines promised to our customers. And we offer project engineering recommendations to benefit clients – shaving time and money from projects where appropriate without sacrificing quality of product.

Barriere’s commitment to quality is critical to Barriere’s reputation for excellence. And it’s essential to our operation as a premium civil construction provider, to better serve Barriere’s customers, employees, and communities – past, present, and future.



For our equipment, we strive to achieve our goal of World Class in maintenance and reliability through our Total Process Reliability (TPR) equipment program. TPR is a critical process that teaches our employees how to improve machine reliability and efficiency in the purchase, care, and improvement of equipment. TPR is important because it teaches equipment operators to follow Barriere’s standards as well as perform daily pre-start-up checks to help find defects in the early stages when they are easier to correct. The operators are then able to mark visual aids and identify conditions in the gauges, oil level, grease points, labeling, and match-marking fasteners. They then set the standards and expectations for cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting the equipment. Through inspections, cleaning, and lubricating Barriere is able to maintain safe, well working equipment for crews and operators.

To fully support our efforts, Barriere’s Corporate Goals provide the:

  • Safest work environment
  • Highest level of equipment uptime
  • Lowest operating and ownership costs
  • Best quality of workmanship
  • Culture for continuous improvement by learning and sharing from our successes and failures throughout the entire organization
  • Empowerment of our crew, management, staff, vendors and stakeholders to achieve World Class

Our Equipment Department is proud that the Association of Equipment Management Professionals recognized Barriere Construction as the first fleet to meet their 2013-2014 Platinum Level Requirements. In 2004 and 2009, Barriere won the construction industry’s Fleet Masters Award for excellence in Fleet Management – rated the best in the country!