Our Commitments

Barriere’s first and most important commitment is to protect our employees and the public entering our jobsites to the fullest extent possible. Our management and project teams are committed to an ongoing, comprehensive safety program that adheres to a “zero incidents” safety culture. We believe that all incidents and accidents are preventable. We take great pride in our 100% total commitment to an ongoing, comprehensive safety program that has helped Barriere achieve an excellent safety record and outperform industry standards over the years.

The quality connection – and our clients’ experience of quality – is among our greatest considerations. Our employees are instrumental in providing exceptional quality and service to customers and in ensuring that each project is accomplished with the highest safety, quality, and productivity. We work efficiently so that our productivity meets deadlines promised to our customers. And we offer project engineering recommendations to benefit clients – shaving time and money from projects where appropriate without sacrificing quality of product.

We believe a heightened customer focus openly personifies the Barriere Way and positions our company as the employer of first choice in the markets we serve. We place a company-wide emphasis on safety, project execution, customer advocacy, and strong stakeholder relationships, and take great pride in building, developing, and sustaining long-term partnerships and relationships on all of our jobs, allowing us to better bid and build larger, more complex projects. Our culture creates a domino effect that leads to a quality of work that is unmatched throughout our region.

Every day, and on every project, Barriere links people and business together – building, paving, and installing safe, quality roads and heavy civil infrastructure designed to stand the test of time. Our steadfast commitment to this approach is the foundation for Barriere’s reputation for excellence, and is critical to our operations as a premium civil construction provider, and to better serve Barriere’s customers, employees and communities.


Our core values include a commitment to sustainable business practices and respect for our environment. It’s another way Barriere helps build enduring value for our customers, our employees, and our communities.

At Barriere, we proudly set out to exceed the sustainability standards set forth by industry leaders such as the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). In doing so, we:

  • Recycle construction materials whenever possible to promote resource and land stewardship. We are, year after year, one of Louisiana’s largest recyclers of construction materials. We convert concrete roadbed into reusable aggregate through state-approved recycling yards, and cycle old asphalt by blending it with virgin materials to build new roads. Even rebar is removed and sold to scrap metal companies to make new steel.
  • Investigate new and innovative ways to improve the efficiency of our processes, equipment, and products to reduce our environmental impact while demonstrating a meaningful return on investment.
  • Utilize porous asphalt pavements whenever possible to reduce pollution in storm water runoff.
  • Invest in construction technology, processes, and products that conserve energy, natural resources, congestion, and landfill space.
  • Follow industry best practices for pollution prevention and waste minimization.
  • Meet or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Track our progress and commit to continuous improvement in our environmental strategy.

There’s a reason why Barriere has celebrated nine consecutive years of receiving the prestigious National Asphalt Pavement Association’s (NAPA) Diamond Achievement Commendations for Excellence in Asphalt Plant/Site Operations in Franklinton and Boutte, Louisiana.


At Barriere, we celebrate our legacy of service, quality and lasting relationships. Inspired by nearly 70 years of service, we continue to dedicate ourselves to the community through civic investments, charitable giving, and as vehicles for the sustained growth of Southeastern Louisiana and the Gulf South region.

From helping underprivileged families celebrate a brighter Christmas, to contributing to the United Way, to coordinating the voluntary construction of a Habitat for Humanity house, Barriere people remain committed to serving the communities of southeast Louisiana.

Following the 2016 devastating flooding in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas, Barriere owners and employees put our culture of commitment and service to work directly in places our employees, customers, vendors and partners called home. In response to this tragedy, Barriere implemented a comprehensive plan to help employees who lost their homes, cars and belongings, and to help speed their recovery and return to normalcy.

Through a partnership with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF) Barriere created an Employee Assistance Fund which awarded grants to full-time employees and retirees in-need. Barriere also opened donations to all employees and vendors, who were looking to give back and make their own mark on the rebuilding process.

These initiatives serve as a progressive model for how Barriere will respond and assist employees and stakeholders in-need in the future, while further strengthening the Barriere culture that makes us an employer, partner and service provider of choice for Louisiana and the central Gulf Coast.