Barriere Commences First Leadperson Training Program

Barriere Commences First Leadperson Training Program

On January 3, Barriere commenced the first Leadperson training program of its kind at the company. On Friday, January 28, its ten participants met for their first classroom training session, which was focused on Safety. The 45-hour sixth-month Program is administered online, on the job, and through classroom training, and is designed to meet eight Barriere On-The-Job Training core competencies.

The online portion of the Program focuses on ethics, corporate culture and code of conduct, and must be finished within 90 days of commencement. The five remaining classroom training sessions will run through the beginning of May and focus on Administration, Communication, Crew Management, Leadership, Operations, Trenching, and Working in Confined Spaces. More training topics, such as OSHA 10, Traffic Control Systems, and, Rigging will be addressed as available, possibly through grant funding, and there is a team building event upon completion.

Program participants are nominated by their direct supervisors who promote reliable, safety-minded team players that demonstrate strong leadership skills. The General Superintendent of each Group reviews their Group’s nomination forms, and three to four employees per Group are selected to participate in the Company-wide Program. 

Congratulations and best of luck to our 2022 participants!

Barriere Construction Group
Willian Clarke
Gerardo Duron
Michael Anthony
Lance Montross
Baton Rouge/North Shore Asphalt Group
Parker Wells
Timothy Gerald
Brennon Wilkerson

South Shore Asphalt Group
Benjamin Beverly
Paul Stewart
Wilson Fisher


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