The LA-20 Project was a 2.676-mile roadway widening endeavor in the City of Thibodaux that, within the context of future plans, efficiently alleviated congestion and enhanced access to local businesses in this rapidly developing area. The Project required a large volume of work, coordinating changes in traffic patterns, and an emphasis on building and maintaining a strong partnership with the City of Thibodaux as well as local residents and businesses along the route within a short 244-day timeframe. Barriere worked closely with LADOTD, locally-based Duplantis Design Group, and the City to implement the Project plans from January to October in 2016.


The combination of Thibodaux locals opting to commute to jobs in New Orleans due to an economic decline and New Orleanians opting for more affordable housing 46 miles outside the bigger city has led to a boom in residential and commercial development in the City of Thibodaux. There has been a corresponding increase in traffic volume on rural roadways severely under equipped to handle this shift that has had an eye-opening effect on developers making plans to capitalize on this dynamic not only now, but in the years to come. 

Barriere proactively initiated pre-planning meetings prior to any major Project work activity, including drainage, cutting soil cement, and asphalt paving. The goal was to review the work plan, requirements, submittals, mix designs and any other information relevant to the stage of the Project that was being planned. This forum provided a chance for key decision- makers to speak up on matters prior to implementation, facilitating trust and preparedness amongst Project partners. All parties critical to the stage of the Project being discussed were invited to the meetings, including those who attended the pre-construction kick-off meetings related to the stage of the Project.

The original roadway was a two-lane highway with poorly-timed, outdated traffic signals that caused traffic flow inefficiencies and a “suicide lane” down the middle that posed head-on and merging hazards. Project plans called for four-lanes as well as the introduction of controlled-access crossing points and modernization of traffic signals. The LADOTD prioritized maintaining two-way traffic and access to the local businesses in the Project area throughout the course of construction.To successfully complete the project, Barriere loaded up the job with readily-available resources, such as 45,000 tons of asphalt from its own plant, quality equipment, experienced workers, a strong services and supplier network, and expertise in teaming up high-production transportation construction, project management and asphalt operations.


Barriere completed the Project on-time, on-budget, and without a lost-time or recordable incident. Miscellaneous drainage and concrete work was added at the conclusion of the Project, resulting in a final contract value of $10,001,725. LADOTD noted the lack of complaints about a potentially disruptive project and gave Barriere a bonus based on its delivery of a smooth final asphalt surface with no grinds – a testament to Barriere’s Effective communication, innovative resolutions, and quality construction solutions allowed Barriere to complete the project on-time, on-budget, and without a lost-time or recordable incident.

"The LA 20 (Canal Blvd.) Widening project in Thibodaux was a complete success. It was finished on time, and we were all impressed with the quality of the work and the attentiveness of your employees throughout the project. We received VERY few complaints during the project, which is quite remarkable for a job that was as large and disruptive as this one. That speaks volumes of your company' s ability to manage and build such a complex job. I can't say enough good things about Andrew's project management and the competency of his superintendents, foremen, and field engineers. ” 

- DOTD Area Engineer