Frontline Leader Training Program

Frontline Leader Training Program 

In October 2022, Barriere launched a new Frontline Leader Training Program. Created to provide tools for supervisors to reinforce leadership behaviors that support company values, the six-module program is being held at Barriere’s Boutte Training Center. 

What is a frontline leader?

A frontline leader is an operational employee who directly supervises employees within their team. Consistent, direct contact with team members makes this person’s leadership pivotal to the success of long-term projects and day-to-day operations at Barriere.  

The Frontline Leader Training Program is designed to maximize the positive impact of our team leaders – from Surveyors and Quality Control to Superintendents – on operational employees across the company.

In addition to classes on building a foundation of leadership and strengthening it over time, participants will learn about setting goals, coaching and motivating others. The program also contains modules covering safety, inclusion and conflict resolution. 

Tools and training for effective communication are central to the Frontline Leader Training Program. For example, the first module, Leadership: Building the Foundation, is all about leading effective conversations and responding to the personal and practical needs of team members. By teaching participants how to hone the communication skills that will help their teams achieve results, this foundational class lays the groundwork for the five other modules. 

Frontline Leader Training Program Curriculum

Module 1 – Leadership: Building the Foundation

Module 2 – Coaching: Move People Forward

Module 3 – Safety: Your Leadership Role

Module 4 – Drive for Results: Setting Goals and Motivating Others

Module 5 – Resolving Conflict: Valuing Inclusion and Differences

Module 6 – Strengthening Your Leadership Development

We would like to officially welcome our first cohort of key leaders participating in The Frontline Leader Training Program:

  1. Brandon Beverly
  2. Jeremy Burke
  3. Kasie Creel
  4. Chad Morales
  5. Keith Calderone
  6. Lyron Dobbins
  7. Tyler Kimble
  8. Nicholas Merritt
  9. William Clark
  10. Glenn Arnold
  11. Andrew Warihay
  12. William Phillips
  13. Shelby Rohner
  14. Bradley Vining
  15. Drew Keightley
  16. Joe Matias 

At Barriere, we know that effective teams are the key to our success. And good teams need great leaders. With the Frontline Leader Training Program, we are empowering and equipping more operational employees with valuable leadership skills that support our company values as we continue to grow. 



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