Barriere’s Comprehensive Site Preparation and Development Services

Site Clearing and Grubbing
We offer demolition services of existing structures as well as clearing, grubbing, and disposal services. We will remove all vegetation — including logs, stumps, brush and debris, and any roots — to prepare the site for grading.
Subsurface Utilities
Our professionals perform accurate, high-quality subsurface utilities to prevent scheduling delays and budget increases and to avert hazards due to unknown or misrepresented utilities such as underground lines and pipelines. We can perform drainage, waterline, sewer, fire water, and portable water.
Preloading and Site Surcharging
Barriere offers preloading or surcharge loading services as part of ground remediation to reduce total and differential settlements, including by building temporary fill embankments. We have the equipment and experience needed to make sure that the ground is successfully consolidated before construction begins. To ensure enough time for consolidation, Barriere optimizes preload and surcharge solutions to the site’s specifications, incorporating embankment height and PVD/sand drain spacing design.
Lime Treatment
Lime treatment increases the stability and impermeability of the soil, improving its workability and load-bearing characteristics while also reducing downtime and improving the working surface of construction sites.
Soil Cement Stabilization
We know soil, and that’s why we offer a full range of soil stabilization and improvement services. These include soil cement stabilization, which offers a cost-saving and time-saving alternative to traditional mucking and filling. Our fleet has drive mixers with stabilization and reclamation capabilities, plus the support equipment needed for compaction and grading.
Rail Infrastructure Construction
Barriere’s qualified professionals have the technical knowledge needed to offer complex rail infrastructure construction services. We set the bar for the construction of safe and reliable rail systems, and we can perform all critical path work required to build the linear infrastructure.
Laydown Yards
Large projects often require storage of a large volume of high-value assets that are continuously checked in and out. We offer effective, real-time laydown yard management solutions to prevent misplacement, misidentification, loss, and theft of material and equipment while keeping assets visible and inventory accurate at all times.
Excavation and Trenching
Our excavating, backfilling, and compaction services include site preparation, dewatering and/or runoff control measures, trench shoring, and maintenance. Cleanup includes proper disposal and, when possible, recycling of the materials — all in full compliance with government, state, and industry regulations.
Site Grading
When necessary, we perform grading to adjust the slope of an area prior to construction. Grading evens out the surface to provide an even and therefore stronger foundation. It also prevents erosion and foundation damage by directing the flow of runoff water. Barriere’s skilled and experienced employees assess the scope of the project and determine the grading required by evaluating such factors as soil composition and moisture levels.
Temporary Access Road Construction
Wherever a temporary access road may be required — whether in remote areas that lack paved roads or near excavation sites where several access points must be available for large vehicles and construction equipment — Barriere offers cost-effective, timely construction of sturdy and safe temporary road surfaces.
Erosion Control
Our erosion control services include the creation of drainage ditches and retention ponds to prevent or mitigate erosion, constructed in full compliance with government, state, and industry requirements. Barriere provides on-site evaluations to determine the type and level of erosion, and we craft an erosion and sediment control plan that is both economically and environmentally efficient.
GPS-Controlled Aggregate Base Installation

Barriere specializes in the GPS-controlled installation of aggregate base, including with bituminous concrete. 


Lakeshore Villages – Phases 4A & 5

Barriere executed Phases 4A and 5 for a deliverable of 365 home-ready lots and related infrastructure on 160 acres of the west side of Lakeshore Villages in Slidell, Louisiana.


“Working in an operating facility always poses difficulties, which your team responded to in a manner which highlights your dedication to safe, quality work. The flexibility displayed, in addition to the focus on containment, allowed for our schedule to be met, despite the challenges. With the strong project management displayed and quick response to changing conditions, we are confident the strong working relationship developed on the job will continue.”

William Schmitt Project Manager, Occidental Chemical Corporation September 21, 2019

We proudly perform site preparation and earthwork for industrial facilities and for commercial and residential developments throughout the Gulf South.

Barriere Construction provides a complete management solution for civil construction projects: comprehensive resource management, procurement, scheduling, and general contracting services. We offer recommendations for the engineering of your project that save time and money without sacrificing quality.

Our experienced team anticipates challenges and designs effective solutions in order to complete complex projects safely, on schedule, and on budget. We have integrated GPS into most of our operations, including large earthwork projects, subbase and base work, and milling and paving. The combination of cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true best practices enables us to consistently deliver products of maximum quality at minimum cost.


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