Barriere is Built on Safety: Thank You, Construction Workers!

Today is the last day of National Construction Safety Week 2020: Built on Safety, and the final daily theme is Thank You, Construction Workers!

Barriere is truly Built on Safety. Our comprehensive, iterative safety program is foundational to our Culture of Care that was established in the 70s, and has been continuously improved upon throughout the years. Fortified by executive involvement and employee empowerment, it is our corporate legacy and the entire Barriere family carries it out as a team.

From weekly executive walkthroughs to giving everyone in the company the Stop Work authority, Barriere employees are supported in keeping themselves, one another, and the larger community safe. During National Construction Safety Week, we internally focused on the fundamentals of this support system. Highlights include:

The Safety Committee. We have an owner-chaired, employee representative Safety Committee that gives field employees an official voice in enhancing our safety culture on our shared Journey to Zero Incidents.

The 6. The Safety Committee reviewed 7+ years of internal data to create a hazards inventory that led to the classification of company hazards and the identification of  “The 6” indicators for serious injuries and fatalities. When we Own Our Six, we can reduce 80% of potential incidents!

“The 6” in 2020. Our review of “The 6” against year-to-date trends and performance will help us accomplish all of our performance goals. We know that safety ties directly to performance, and we actively manage both together.

Rewarding Prevention Programs. Barriere designs all of our safety programs to encourage and incentivize employees to contribute to a safer work environment. Employees are rewarded for reporting near misses, unsafe acts, and unsafe site conditions, increasing the amount of necessary information we need to correct worksite hazards before they turn into incidents.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees and their families is our top priority, and we are grateful for all they do to make our projects and this company excellent.

Barriere’s B Guarantee is to safely and reliably deliver quality projects on time, every time. This commitment applies to our employees who are critical to Barriere meeting this deliverable for all of our customers, including the traveling public. Thank you, Construction Workers!


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