Barriere is Participating in National Effort to Promote Work Zone Safety for 7th Year in a Row

National Work Zone Awareness Week kicks off on April 11th, and Barriere is proud to be joining other organizations from around the country to spread the important message that work zones are a sign to slow down.

At Barriere, safety and quality are our top values as we work to construct roads and infrastructure necessary to maintain thriving communities. And because much of our actual work physically takes place in work zones on the road, keeping the roads a safe space for our workers and the public is crucial.

This is Barriere’s 7th consecutive year participating in NWZAW, sparked by an incident in 2016 where a drunk driver entered one of our work zones and injured four employees. For us, this underscored the need for increased awareness of how to safely drive in work zones, and we’re hopeful that NWZAW can bring to light the dangers of distracted driving and remind drivers everywhere that road workers are people doing their jobs to support our community’s infrastructure.

There were 774 work zone traffic fatalities across the country in 2020. Of these fatalities, the vast majority were motorists, passengers, and pedestrians, and 117 were road workers. This demonstrates the importance of road work safety campaigns for everyone who uses roads, so that all drivers, walkers, cyclists, and workers can safely navigate work zones. Here’s how you can join the national effort to increase awareness about work zone safety by participating in NWZAW 2022:

  • Monday, April 11: ​​NWZAW starts with the national Stand Down for Safety Day, encouraging people to prevent struck-by incidents and save lives by slowing down.
  • Tuesday, April 12: Tune into the National Work Zone Awareness Week 2022 kickoff event on YouTube here.
  • Wednesday, April 13: Wear orange to proudly show your support of work zone safety.
  • Thursday, April 14: Share messages on social media about the importance of work zone safety and use hashtags #NWZAW and #WorkZoneSafety throughout social media between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET.
  • Friday, April 15: Join a national moment of silence to remember the people who lost 1their lives in a work zone incident.


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