Barriere Launches Mentor Training Program

Barriere has launched a mentor training program to drive successful onboarding for new hires and
build upon our company culture of continuous learning. The mentor training program will give our
employees the support they need to grow within their positions as trainers and to develop strong
leadership skills. This training will equip our mentors with tools to improve communication, promote
teamwork and instill our longstanding culture of operational excellence within our new hires.

A key part of this program is providing tools to help our mentors conduct effective, well-rounded on-
the-job training for our new employees. On-the-job training is vital to the onboarding process. We can
always test knowledge on a computer, but performance must be evaluated on the job.
Topics covered during the mentor training program include:

  • Why “train the trainer”?
  • The importance of on-the-job training
  • Traits of a successful trainer
  • Tasks as a trainer

A strong foundation is the key to growth and success, and our mentor program enables seasoned
employees to share institutional knowledge to help new hires advance in their career fields. This “train
the trainer” series encourages our seasoned team members to share their skills and expertise while also
providing examples of both the successes and challenges new employees often face.

The goal of our mentor program is to create an open line of communication for employees to analyze
issues, address challenges and solve problems — knowing they have a support system in their
colleagues. By equipping our trainers with a full toolbelt of knowledge and best practices, we can
continue our longstanding tradition of supplying our customers with quality products and services in a
safe environment.

To successfully complete the course and earn their mentor hardhat sticker, the mentors are evaluated
on their ability to train a new employee to use the mentor book.  They are also required to take an
online mentor course as part of their training. To date, 40 Barriere employees have been through the
training program, and there will be six more sessions through the end of November 2022.


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