Barriere Launches 2022 Craftsman Training Program

As part of our big picture succession plan, we are very excited to announce the launch of Barriere’s 2022 Craftsman Training Program. The curriculum includes safety training, technical instruction and management topics, and participants will complete approximately 55 hours of training. The five-month program – administered online, on the job, and through classroom training – is designed to meet Barriere’s on-the-job training core competencies. There is no question that Barriere’s talent is what makes us the largest asphalt producer in Louisiana and the contractor of choice for our Gulf South customers. Over 30% of our team members have more than 10 years of experience here, and we are committed to their professional development. The 2022 Craftsman Training Program is part of our ongoing efforts to design dedicated career paths to help our workforce move up the ranks. This kind of dedicated training program ensures that our employees have the experience, education and development opportunities necessary to succeed.

Through the program, participants will study multiple topics and competencies. The online curriculum covers blueprint and internal traffic control plan training as well as five work zone safety modules. Classroom training modules include Mentor/Flagger, Traffic Control Technician, First Aid/CPR & Asphalt Quality, Chainsaw and Concrete Grinder, Blueprints/Trenching/Rigging, Catch basin construction & Checking Grade, and Lockout/Tagout, Asphalt/Concrete Mixes. These lessons will be followed up with on-the-job assessments on mentoring, safety audits, equipment inspections and more. The individuals chosen for the Craftsman Training Program are on the right track to fulfilling their potential at Barriere. Having demonstrated themselves to be reliable, safety-minded team players with strong leadership skills, the 12 participants were nominated by their direct supervisors and chosen by their group’s general superintendent to participate in the company-wide program.

Congratulations and best of luck to our 2022 participants:

Barriere Construction Group

Jourdan Kirt
Raymond Henry
Anthony Rhodes
Allen Ritch

Baton Rouge/North Shore Asphalt Group

Dustin Ishee
Hayden Anderson

South Shore Asphalt Group

Chance Harding
Bobby Duplantis
Thomas Wesley
Henry Fisher
Dante Bryant
Damien Haley


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