Barriere Celebrates 788 Years of Safe Service!

Barriere 2020 Service Awards recipients at the I-12 jobsite ceremony, including Wilson Jones, an Asphalt Leadman/Operator I with 20 years of service, holding his 2020 George H. Wilson Jr. Safety Award prize.

Over the past several months, Barriere’s employees have united to continue safely serving the communities where we live and work. Our partnerships give us strength, and the ones the Barriere family has with one another are our top priorities. We know that, together, we are paving the way to a brighter future as we uphold and refine the values and traditions that have been at the heart of this company for 71 years.

This year, Barriere had to cancel what would have been our 31st Health and Safety picnic, an annual event where we have traditionally presented employees with Service Awards, tokens of appreciation that commemorate career milestones with the company. Now, more than ever, is the time to celebrate dedication to safe service, so we proceeded with the 2020 Service Awards by doing what we do best, taking them on the road!

Members of the Wilson family personally presented many of the awards by coordinating two days of field visits to five different sites in honor of 122 employees with a combined 788 years of service. The fifth annual George H. Wilson Jr. Safety Award, which would have been announced at the picnic too, was also presented during the awards tour.

Since the Barriere family couldn’t all gather together this year, we created a video of the awards tour to share in celebrating our mutual commitment to safe service. Now, we share the video with you!


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