Barriere Achieves Diamond Level Status Through ABC STEP Program

Barriere recently achieved the highest level of the Associated Builders and
Contractors (ABC) Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) program. For 12 years in
a row, Barriere has earned Diamond status for both the Bayou and Pelican Chapters of

Founded in 1989, STEP is a safety management system that equips contractors and
suppliers with a robust, no-cost framework for measuring safety data and benchmarking
with their industry peers. The goal is to help participants identify and seize opportunities
for scalable growth in their safety programs and lower their total recordable incident
rates. And it works. According to ABC’s annual Safety Performance Report, STEP
participants, regardless of company size or type of work, can reduce recordable
incidents up to 85%, making the best-performing companies 688% safer than the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics industry average.

STEP participants measure their safety processes and policies on key components
through a detailed questionnaire with the goal of implementing or enhancing health and
safety programs.

“Safety is a journey, and that journey is possible because of systems like STEP, which
enables ABC member contractors like Barriere to actively build health and safety into
their culture, creating industry-leading, holistic safety programs to protect their workers
and deliver for their clients,” said Greg Sizemore, ABC Vice President of Health, Safety,
Environment and Workforce Development. “STEP measures performance on key
components, strengthens and expands best practices and builds safety culture. Our
people are our greatest asset, and I commend Barriere for consistently fulfilling those
commitments to raise the bar of safety performance.”

As a company committed to creating safer and more productive jobsites, Barriere’s first
and foremost responsibility is to protect its employees and the public. Operating by the
rule that safety is something that cannot be delegated empowers all Barriere employees
to play an active role in upholding and improving the company’s comprehensive safety

A company-wide commitment to safety and quality has helped Barriere earn ABC’s
National Safety Excellence Award, Accredited Quality Contractor certification, and a
place on the National Top Performer list.

While it can be gratifying to receive these awards on a yearly basis, the most
meaningful reward for prioritizing safety comes far more frequently, on a daily basis:
Every single Barriere employee finishing his or her workday safely is the ultimate
reward, the one that really hits home.

Congratulations to the entire Barriere team for your steadfast commitment to safety.
Thank you for doing your part to help us to achieve Diamond status once again!


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