8th Annual Safety and TPR Training Week focuses on safety and emergency actions, celebrates achievements

In February, we held our 8th annual Safety and Total Process Reliability (TPR) Training Week for our Construction and Asphalt groups. Safety Training Week is part of our commitment to an ongoing, comprehensive safety program with an emphasis on key workplace safety components designed to foster continuous improvement and promote operational excellence. This year’s activations included an overview of plant operations and several immersive stations for employees to experience a deeper dive into key safety best practices including: 

Escort and Park Up – A review on how to properly organize an equipment escort, the proper use of radios and mobile devices while escorting and understanding the proper park up procedures and overall appearance of the jobsite.  

Construction Grade Stakes – A focus on understanding the difference between level over and pro-rated grades, having the ability to use a string line to check grade using pro-rated grades and utilizing a 4’ or 6’ level to check grade using level over grades. Team members also learned about the different abbreviations and markings used on grade stakes.

Crew Repairs –Team members learned about safety precautions and safe replacement of hydraulic hoses and bucket blades.  

Spotting – Identifying blind spots and understanding the danger of working in these areas. 

Task Analysis Review (TAR) – Understanding the importance of an effective TAR and how safety and quality are related to the work environment.

Urban Construction –Understanding potential issues with urban construction sites and demonstrations onthe proper procedure for securing utility trailers, Conex’s and office trailers; presentation on the correctsite layout at the end of a shift.

Utilities – Understanding how to respond to a utility incident and how to effectively mark and identify possible utility locations.

Mentor Book – A review of the mentor book start and completion statistics, troubleshooting procedures and mentor responsibilities.

Safety is a core value at Barriere, and the philosophy that all incidents are preventable is incorporated throughout Safety Training Week and put into practice year-round. As an important part of our safety initiatives, this week is also an opportunity to teach crews how to improve machine reliability and efficiency through our TPR program. 

This comprehensive program teaches employees how to purchase, care for, safely use and maintain equipment for our customers, crews and operators. Regular quality inspections, cleaning and proactive maintenance are all part of our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment for all Barriere employees. Following TPR guidelines and procedures enables our crews not only to improve equipment effectiveness and reliability, but also to share responsibility for maintaining equipment, creating natural work groups and improving the skills and knowledge of everyone in the crew.

Safety Training Week concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing employees who actively engage in best practices and programs that support consistently carrying out Barriere’s commitment to the highest standards. The 2022 Employees of the Year, 2022 Top Mentors and Top Hazard Recognition Program participants were honored. Finally, we recognized those who have built a career at Barriere by celebrating their service anniversary milestones. 


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