On Wednesday, January 20th, seven  men and women were awarded with two separate scholarships for 2021: the George Wilson Scholarship and the Acott/Wilson Scholarship.

The George H. Wilson Scholarship fund was established to encourage the pursuit of advanced studies in asphalt technology at LSU.  The students that apply for this scholarship must be enrolled in Introduction to Asphalt Mixture Design at LSU and each recipient is awarded $2,000.  The two recipients for this year’s LSU Asphalt Technology Scholarship are Andrea Guajardo and Payton Nickles.  Both Andrea and Payton are well deserving of this scholarship and each of their applications told a story of how they will continue the advancement of asphalt technology in our country.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association Acott/Wilson Scholarship was established by a former Barriere Advisory Board member, Bob Thompson, and his wife, Ellen, to honor Michael Acott former president of the National Asphalt Pavement Association,  and the Wilson family’s many accomplishments in the asphalt industry.  The applicants to this scholarship must be seeking an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management.  Barriere was very impressed by each of the applicants and was happy to be able to award each of the recipients with $4,000 towards their education to encourage their career path in construction.  The five recipients of this scholarship are Orisamola Richardson, Victoria Cogan, Parker Amar, Mason Rader, and Bradley Gray.  Congratulations!

Barriere would like to thank our recipients for their interest and contributions to our company and industry as a whole.


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