Barriere Commences Largest Emerging Leaders Program in Company History!

At Barriere, everyone is expected to be industry leaders, and supporting our employees in being top talent is our commitment to them. Over the last decade, we have had a total of 23 Emerging Leaders Program participants. On August 10, the 2021 Emerging Leaders Program commenced with 14 individuals from all operating groups who are integral to the company, interdependent on one another, and already shaping Barriere in various ways:

  • Austin Savoie, South Shore Asphalt Plant Manager
  • Brad Taylor, Quality Control Manager
  • Brent Neal, Project Manager
  • Cesar Madrid, Superintendent
  • Chad Morales, Asphalt Paving Foreman
  • Cory Ogeron, Foreman
  • Drew Keightly, Superintendent
  • Josh Munna, Resource Optimization Center Manager
  • Justin Taylor, Project Manager
  • Les Mays, Safety Manager
  • Kasie Creel, Asphalt Paving Foreman
  • Will Carpenter, Superintendent
  • Zac Jourdan, Sr. Project Manager
  • Zach Schilling, Project Manager

The Emerging Leaders Program is for those who have expressed potential by continuously improving upon their expertise and talent and being fully committed to directing their energies into leadership and mentorship roles. Each Emerging Leader mentors up to two employees who will eventually takeover for them once they are promoted.

Every member of Barriere’s Executive Management Team is actively involved in leading our Emerging Leaders Program, and many past participants who are leading the company today were present to support this year’s class during its introductory session and Welcome Dinner held at the Higgins Hotel in New Orleans.

Barriere’s Culture of Care programs and resources, such as the Emerging Leadership Program, are designed to empower employees to pursue their personal and the collective wellbeing. They have attracted many of the region’s industry experts who started out with us, grew with us, and chose to build careers with us, and we are hiring. Check out our open positions!


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