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Fluor Technip Integrated contracted Barriere Construction to complete a $36.5 million reconstruction and widening of Louisiana Highway 379 to support and facilitate the 2.5-mile transport of large prefabricated modules from the construction dock to Sasol’s Lake Charles Chemical Project Site.

Building a public road for a private industrial customer would normally present significant challenges. On this project, Barriere’s experienced team stayed focused on our customer’s needs, anticipated potential conflicts, and engineered solutions that allowed us to complete this complex roadway safely ahead of schedule and below approved budget. Planning for safety, quality, and efficiency in advance of project execution is a philosophy that follows our mission and values. Our record of excellence is no accident. It speaks to our ability to consistently deliver solutions to our customers – differentiating us as a contractor, employer, and corporate citizen.

Barriere’s asphalt roadway and infrastructure improvements ensured a safe, smooth, and long-lasting foundation for heavy hauls and the Westlake community.

  • Client: Fluor Technip Integrated & Sasol North America
  • Location: Sasol’s Lake Charles Chemical Project Site – Westlake, LA
  • Start Date: April 30, 2015
  • End Date: November 18, 2016
  • Value: $36,500,000
  • Man-Hours: 213,665

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) contracted Barriere Construction Company, LLC to complete a $40 million road rehabilitation project to resurface almost 10 miles of interstate highway in eastern St. Tammany Parish, replacing worn faulted concrete pavement on Interstate 10 from the West Pearl River Bridge to the French Branch Bridge. This section of interstate had not received many substantive improvements since the 1960’s and presented complicated issues resulting from poor subbase and water intrusion.

From a safety perspective, one of the biggest and most important challenges involved the nature of the project itself: the convergence of three major heavily trafficked interstates (I-10, I-59 and I-12) and a volume of approximately 100,000 automobiles and trucks per day.

The French Branch project challenged Barriere and DOTD to construct a safer and more efficient highway by eliminating excessive roadway irregularities and wear and tear on vehicles. Barriere crews worked to replace the existing poorly conditioned subbase as well as reconstruct five corresponding off-ramps with the highest level of safety and without a single lane closure infraction.

In winning the project Barriere proposed a 360-day timeline, which was 315 days faster than other competitors’ proposals. Although additional work was added to the contracted scope, Barriere’s use of innovative tools such as drone surveying and intensive scheduling enabled Barriere to complete the project in just 307 days (71 days ahead of the adjusted timeline).

Over and above the initial scope of work, DOTD asked Barriere to add additional guardrail in places where the existing structures did not meet required specifications, due to inconsistent road leveling. Milling and asphalt leveling were also included to fix the substandard slopes on the project. Barriere completed other minor change orders including the adjustment of ITS boxes and the relocation of multiple signs. In total the client added $745,000 of work to the project, but the savings Barriere generated through Value Engineering and expert innovation more than covered the additional cost.

Client: Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD)
Location: Slidell, LA
Start Date: May 14, 2015
End Date: April 21, 2016
Value: $39.8 million
Man Hours: 125,395


  • Excellence in Construction (ABC Bayou)
  • Excellence in Construction (ABC Pelican)
  • CICE Construction Excellence Award (GNOBR)

Barriere produced and paved nearly 80,000 tons of asphalt (4,700 truck loads) for a once-in-a-career project for NOLA Motorsports consisting of a 1.3-mile go-karting track, a 2.75-mile road course (with a future additional 2.6-mile track), and a 7.5-acre autocross pad, as well as numerous parking lots, roads, and work areas. Barriere worked with one of the asphalt industry’s best engineers, Brian D. Prowell, Ph.D, P.E, to met his stringent asphalt guidelines including no seams or joints and an asphalt mixture that could handle cars traveling over 200 mph to qualify the track for international races.

Client: NOLA Motorsports
Location: Avondale, LA
Value: $10 million
Man Hours: 116,373
Materials Used: 79,902 tons of asphalt


  • ABC Bayou
  • ABC Pelican
  • ENR
  • NAPA

Barriere raised and repaved 5.3 miles of the worst roadways in the country along Interstate 55 near the Louisiana/Mississippi state line. Crews continuously worked to rubblize 145,000 square yards of concrete and lay over 166,000 tons of asphalt above it, raising the center of the roadway 11”. Barriere set numerous company roads for producing and laying asphalt on this project including a 20-hour span where they laid 275 truck loads of asphalt! Barriere’s work was featured in National Asphalt Paving Association’s publication Hot Mix Asphalt Technology.

Client: LDOTD
Location: Kentwood, LA
Value: $15.8 million
Man Hours: 19,274
Materials Used:89,200 tons of asphalt


  • ABC Bayou
  • ABC Pelican


Barriere was contracted by the City of New Orleans for the St. Bernard Avenue reconstruction project, a total reconstruction of underground utilities and roadway on St. Bernard Ave. This section of roadway had historically been referred to as one of the worst avenues in the city – it is considered the birthplace of the Fix-My-Streets movement.

The general scope of work for this project included removing and replacing sidewalks, replacing the water and sewer lines, replacing the drainage lines and repaving the roadway in concrete between Filmore Ave. and Robert E. Lee Blvd., and Spanish Fort Shell Rd. between Soldiers and Madrid streets.

At the start of the project, the existing overlaid concrete road was in a horrible state of deterioration, and sections of roadway were barely passable by car because of large potholes. Due to existing conditions Barriere and the owner decided it was best to repair potholes and install a thin overlay on the existing roadway so that two-way traffic could safely be maintained. The sidewalk was in such poor shape that it served no purpose to pedestrians. Furthermore, the existing water distribution system had multiple leaks, and the storm drainage system was also dilapidated with missing structure covers, and blocked or collapsed pipes.

Barriere partnered with 11 different DBE subcontractors and suppliers in compliance with the required 35% DBE component. Subcontractor scope included trucking, sidewalks, driveways, concrete supply, sand supply, brick work, temporary signs and barricades, and permanent striping. The City of New Orleans, in tandem with Barriere, remained in constant communication with neighborhood associations to update the public on the project’s progress. Monthly internal project planning and schedule updates and biweekly progress meetings ensured that all parties were engaged and committed to meeting milestone dates.

It was Barriere’s detailed planning and allotment of resources that allowed Barriere to prevent any major lulls in the work. Innovation played a huge role in our success as we utilized state of the art GPS technology on bulldozers, graders, and, for the first time, excavators. Barriere overcame inclement weather early in the project, which delayed the installation of the river bound roadway paving, to successfully complete the project in December 2016.

Client: City of New Orleans – Public Works Department
Location: New Orleans, LA
Start Date: September 1, 2015
End Date: May 4, 2016
Value: $8.3 million
Man Hours: 33,000

Barriere demolished each cross street, dug out the canal and installed 55’ wide and 11’ tall double barrel concrete box culvert, and then rebuilt the six cross streets over the recently re-engineered canal running on Gen. DeGaulle. Crews primarily worked in a large drainage ditch located between a set of sand dams that kept water out of the work area and routinely fought New Orleans’ weather to keep the work site dry. Barriere completed the difficult project with less than .001% of rework.

Client: New Orleans Sewage & Water Board
Location: New Orleans, LA
Value: $20,092,796 ($1.2 million savings)
Man Hours: 44,998
Materials Used:

  • 13000 cy of concrete
  • 1,600,000 lbs of rebar
  • 113000 sq feet of steel sheet pile
  • 35000 cy of canal excavation
  • 70000 linear ft of pre-cast concrete pilings


  • ABC Bayou
  • ABC Pelican
  • ENR

Barriere constructed a large boiler foundation for the Raceland Raw Sugar Corporation. This included all of the foundations associated with the new boiler unit and a variety of associated work adjacent to the boiler including sheet piles, drainage, and aggregate installation.

Client: Raceland Raw Sugar Corp
Location: Raceland, LA
Value: $1.2 million
Man Hours: 7,200
Materials used: 1,100 cy of concrete, 90,000 lbs of steel (rebar)


In September 2015, Occidental Chemical Corporation contracted Barriere Construction, LLC to update the existing 50-year-old tank containment system at its Geismar, LA plant. The project challenged Barriere to construct a substantial containment system with no safety incidents, no budget overages, and high customer satisfaction. As part of the project scope, Barriere was required to maintain the existing out-of-date system while building a new tank containment system that would meet the current EPA standards. The job required the rerouting of storm water to a testing facility before draining since it was an active plant site, and severe weather and flooding presented additional complexities for the Barriere team.

Our team of innovative experts immediately evaluated the Occidental Chemical project site and submitted a value engineering proposal which was accepted by the owner. The agreement to construct earthen berm in lieu of columns and posts, as contracted, helped offset extreme weather delays and reduce the amount of excavated material that would need to be hauled to and from a restricted site layout. To avoid delays and overcome project obstacles, the Barriere Project Management Team recognized that there would be a need to accelerate a Supervisory commitment to safety and efficiency. Barriere’s foresight led to the creation of a supervisor leadership training program model for employees on the work site. The decision to require on-the-job employee training, a self-imposed Barriere requirement, extended beyond the contracted scope of the project to increase on-site productivity, improve communication and provide professional growth opportunities for individuals.

Stacked against the odds of Louisiana flooding and rain and unforeseen obstacles, both known and unknown, Barriere completed the Primary Tank Containment System on December 31, 2015 (5 days ahead of schedule).

Client: Occidental Chemical Corporation
Location: Geismer, LA
Start Date: September 1, 2015
End Date: May 4, 2016
Value: $4.4 million
Man Hours: 26,500


  • Excellence in Construction (ABC Pelican)
  • CICE Construction Excellence Award (GNOBR)

Barriere increased the facility’s capacity and efficiency by installing concrete foundations and 25’ walls with soil cement pads and constructing a electrical duct bank and dust suppression piping. Because of the team’s quality work and innovation, Kinder Morgan added $2.2 million of work to re-engineer and reconstruct the berms from future phases done by other contractors.

Client: Kinder Morgan
Location: Port Sulphur, LA
Completion Date: February 2014
Value: $6.9 million
Man Hours: 45,668
Materials Used:

  • 1593 cy of Structural Concrete
  • 404,000 lbs of Rebar
  • 3,600 sq. yards of area paving
  • 50,900 cyt of excavation
  • 39,000 cyt of fill
  • 33,000 sq. yards of
  • 18” thick soil cement
  • 24,100 tons of rock


  • ABC Bayou
  • ABC Pelican

Barriere built nine large diameter concrete ring walls to IMTT to store volatile materials. The construction required constant communication and coordination between Barriere and IMTT’s safety department. A challenge Barriere overcame was the ring wall tops were not flat and required two different sized chamfer edges and no point on the walls could vary ¼” from spec. To achieve a higher level or quality and to complete the work efficiently, Barriere created many custom tools for construction.

Client: IMTT
Location: St. Rose, LA
Value: $4.96 million
Man Hours: 16,500
Materials Used:

  • 40000 cy of dirt
  • 25000 tons of stone
  • 33000 cy of sand
  • 2500 cy of concrete
  • 13000 tons of mason sand

Awards: ABC Bayou



Barriere projects have received more than 70 industry awards and counting at the local, state, and national levels.

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